Risk, Experimentation

Create a product/experience that allows the participant/viewer to feel how it is to walk up a hill…..

This project is to include any of the following;

Digital material, 3d, video, animation, photography.

I joined a team with Iqra who does web design, Lewis who does concept art and Oak who does 3d. Together we discussed possible idea’s, for example a flip book type sketch but felt this would take too much time to do and we only have a week!

We then answered some questions that Deb suggested we completed before we decided on what to do. Having done this we decided on a University student late for class, making his way up a typical autumn wet hill in the Arboretum to give the viewer a real life experience. We will emphasise the sound and camera work on the go pro to exaggerate this day to day experience to give the viewer the full effect of walking up a hill.

I will collect the sounds and send them to Iqra who will also receive the footage Oak and Lewis have filmed and she will edit this and bring it altogether… Let’s hope it works!!!


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