First Team Meet

Have we all done some research? Yes!

Do we all know what we should make? No. Not really….

We all came together and knew we wanted to make some kind of film… But what kind of film? Our idea’s ranged from a Play to a short film, a trailer introducing something but it turned out we all wanted to show both sides of how King Richard was portrayed. We focused our talks more on how we wanted him played and shown to the audience and that is how it came about that we should do a monologue, a monologue to show both sides of how he was portrayed for the audience to then decide.

Research! Now we need to research how a character showing two sides have previously been played, how did they distinguish the two. We will be watching 1995 Richard III, NOW, reading Shakespeare acts of King Richard, all to gain inspiration for script, scene and character play. I’m starting to look forward to this, it’s nice to have an idea in your head you’re wanting to turn into a reality.


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