Trip time!

We were let out to go on a field trip!!!

This trip was more beneficial than I thought it would be. My team and I drove to both the Bosworth battlefield heritage centre and country park and to Leicester Cathedral where Richard has been laid to rest, which gave us plenty of time to come up with idea’s for the film, set and special effects. We all took plenty of picture and I was looking around for anything that we could use, Typography for example, in the monologue to link it all together. Before the visit I had no idea what the White boar reference was about, or about the other possible suspects for the nephews disappearance, which by this point we had decided would be great to include in our monologue. With the White boar being King Richards symbol and very significant we feel we have to use it in some way.

The Bosworth battlefield has a great exhibit on King Richard III which kept me interested and educated me further on not only his history but I also found Lady Jane Grey’s story fascinating as well as very sad.


Above Image shows Richard’s crown (replica) with the flags on the Bosworth battlefield.

The way the visitors centre has been designed gives not only reading panels and plaques of words but also interactive picture screens with touch slide options to read on who else could’ve have done it. There was a very interesting speaker who was situated where the bone collection site was, see picture above, which now has a layer of thick glass as a floor. He spoke of King Richards remains being found, as well as any questions people wanted answering about him.

Coffin Coffin2

He has a very impressive burial site in the cathedral as shown above.

Below show some great information plaques spread around the visitors centre.

Details Ed1 Ed2 Rich1


Above shows such a complicated structure for someone to work out who is related to who! but without it we wouldn’t have had DNA confirm it was Richard.


Above shows the play we watched when we first walked in.

PlayActors1 PlayActors2 PlayActors3

Above images are actors who have played the role of King Richard III over the years, a great piece of information relevant to our idea.

Rich2 Rich3 Rich4 Roses

I really enjoyed our trip and found it useful in gathering further information to take into our projects. I can’t wait to start!


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