Presentation Time

It feels like I’ve blinked and it’s already assessment presentation time.

After yesterdays trip we needed to finalise our idea and put it in a presentation. Before we all got together I read the module and made notes on what we needed to include ready for us as a group to complete, See images below.

NoteScan1 001 NoteScan2 001

What is the product? What design theories are we implementing? Target audience?

This didn’t take as long as I expected, because we already had a clear image of how this monologue was going to be shot after all our journey talks, it then became a simple case of trying to express what was in our heads on a presentation to show other people what we will be making.

We are now a team member down and our job roles became clear in this meeting, I will be concentrating on 3d and special effects. I will be working more closely with Zac Pickin who will be doing photography and graphic design. Ben Williams and Damien Ebanks will be doing all the film side of things. I came up with the idea of making a 3d model of a coin I bought in the heritage gift shop (an angel King Richard III coin), it will be animated to show it spinning in the air like someone is playing with the coin, the idea is then for the actor to start the monologue catching this coin which he will have in his hand, a great opening!! below is an image of the YouTube video I will be using as reference.


I also have the idea of flame writing as opening text, see below image;


Zac is also liking this idea and we will be planning/confirming what will be used and executing it over the next three weeks. Now we are planning what we are doing I’m getting even more excited about making and doing this!!!!!


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