Coin Idea Drama

It turns out that the actor couldn’t flick and catch the coin how we wanted to which means linking the coin to the monologue no longer exists… Originally the 3d coin was going to be the King Richard III angel coin, which I got from the gift shop on our trip, this was going to be animated to be flicking upwards like someone would and then catch it in their hand. However, the actor didn’t do the catching or flicking bit very well.


Zac and I spoke to Shaun Belcher about this and he helped us by saying we should change the purpose of the coin to make it still relevant… Brilliant!

Zac and I sat down and decided that we should link it to the opening credit text with the colour scheme, have both sides different and include the white bore. Now I can go ahead and make the coin.

Coin Image – No Author. (No Date). Coins for sale. Available: Last accessed 02nd December 2015.


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