Coin re-done & Textured

I decided to re-do the coin, assign separate blinn materials to the top, bottom and sides of the coin and try to work around the issue.

Once I completed the coin, added the bore that Zac had kindly sent to me, I took colours from the opening credit text and started texturing. I found on a grate texture which I edited in Photoshop to create the ridges on the side of the coin.

Top image is a render image of the coin edge. The bottom image is the grate from and the one of the right is what I created in Photoshop.

I also wasn’t happy that the coin was very smooth so I added a metal texture that I have had for years (In my personal collection and can not remember where I got this from?!) and changed the opacity to give it a rough look which I then applied a bump texture on within Maya.


One side done! onto the next side. I wanted this one to look very different and rough, I turned my UV detachment problem in to my advantage! problem side was now the deformed rougher side ūüôā

I got a metal floor texture again from and Richards coat of arms and finished the other side.

I then added the coat of arms with the above metal texture at the same opacity rate and here are both sides of the 3d coin.

Both sides of the coin are different, just like the character in the monologue, showing two perceptions of King Richard III. I did this by having one side nicely textured to show the good side and it had his white bore symbol on, the coins other side shows his coat of arms being less neat with errors to show the bad side and his deformity.

Next stage is the animation, lighting and render!

Floor texture РTextures. (2015). Metal Floors. Available: Last accessed 04th December 2015.

Grate texture РTextures. (2015). Floors Various. Available: Last accessed 03rd December 2015.

3d Coin Tutorial Рyocyberness. (2013). Maya to Mudbox and back to Maya: Basic tutorial. Available: . Last accessed 12th November 2015.

Coat of arms РSodacan. (2010). Royal Arms of England and France used intermittently (1399-1603). Available: Last accessed 06th December 2015.



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