I have seen it and I love it! The only thing I would change is more coin flipping animation because otherwise it is just to quick. The monologue has a nice dark, eerie feel to it. I like how the character is being shown, the actor has done a great job and did the script justice!



King Richard III is in his office. He is a modern king, wearing an handsome dark suit, tie,crown, black gloves and a badge with his symbol of the white boar.

Richard flips an ancient coin.



I put them in the tower to protect them, they’re now gone. I’ve failed.


Good riddance, they had to die.


The nation is going to use this against me, the south will use it against me.


They were illegitimate anyway; Edwards bodged up marriage made sure of that.


The tower should have been enough protection for them.


I’m glad there dead.


God look at me, I’m deformed, a Beast of nature. I’m the villain of this age.


What’s wrong with that? Is that really an issue? Villains hold power, I hold the cards. I am King.


But that’s not the type of king I should be.


Henry wants to stop me and he’s gathering an army. I don’t fear

him, I have a nation backing me, I have the north of England.


No, I’ve been a good king. I’ve cured the corruption in parliament, I let

the poor speak their suits in Westminster, I defeated the Scotts and I was brought up with the ways of the chivalric code; to protect the weak, to fight for justice, to keep the peace and to serve the common weal.


I need to keep an iron fist.


What sort of king am I?


I need to please my people.


I have to stay king.



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