Back to Uni! Term 2…

And so begins assignment 2.

Over the Christmas break I was torn between (wait for it Jools! I didn’t mention this in my assignment 1’s evaluation… This secret is about to be revealed!) the Gap campaign and Walkers YCN competition. I did Google searches on them both and read the information that was attached to both of the competitions and for me Gap seemed more suited to myself. The fact I love Gap’s Long and Lean jeans and have worn them since I was 16 may have played a small part in this 🙂 Gap’s campaigns have always appealed to me. They are designed very cleanly with white backgrounds, happy looking models, all well dressed and Gaps branding is simple, effective and well thought out. After reading the information enclosed in the competition brief it was very clear that they analyse every last detail of their brand, even down to correct letter positioning and making sure the serifs on the feet of the letters are aligned, now that is dedication.

“Making it easy for customers to find a great fitting pair of jeans” -Doris & Don Fisher (founders of GAP)

What a great slogan! I plan to use this in my campaign on posters. This couple started a store in San Francisco because Don couldn’t find a pair of jeans that fit. They wanted customers to easily find a great fitting pair of jeans.

The more I read about who Gap are, their customers and all what they stand for as a company with their vision, the more I love and want to be apart of it.

Identify…..Done! I know what competition I’m entering.

Here are my notes.

YCN, 2015. The Briefs: 2015-16 YCN Student Awards [online]. Available at: [Accessed 11 January 2016].


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One thought on “Back to Uni! Term 2…

  1. It would be great if you could round up your ideas on the identity found via your research more clearly.
    I can see simple and stylish but there are a lot of notes. Could you add to this and summarise your findings?


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