I have found some great websites on questionnaires and how to create one to get what information I need for my campaign.

This website has an article on brand advertising which is very interesting. It isn’t directly relevant to my campaign but raised some interesting points to consider on brand tracking and awareness, for example,  How familiar are customers with your brand? How often do they use you? and if you mentioned jeans (in my case) would the customer mention your brand without any brands being listed for them to pick from?

This website I found very helpful and has a great quote.

“Come up with several ideas for marketing campaigns and test them out before committing to just one; find out whether a road-side advertising billboard is still going to be effective or if nowadays a simple online banner ad will have more effect; which wordings get the best reactions, should you spend more money on this aspect of the campaign or that … online questionnaires are the perfect tool for capturing this information.”

This has a whole section on doing it yourself and gives some great pointers on how to create a questionnaire like work smart, not hard 🙂 This article I found very helpful and will be using this to help create my campaigns questionnaire.

This website has some useful information on market research techniques, accuracy and it talks about focus groups. I love the idea of focus groups and I have a few target audience people in my Uni year, I’m strongly considering taking this further and asking Jools about using some of the time in one of our Tuesday afternoon sessions for a focus group meeting to discuss my campaign. Maybe, we all could have a time slot!? It would be good to discuss what I want to put in my questionnaire and feedback on this, maybe I miss a great question or word a question wrongly or have a completely irrelevant question in there…

The Marketing Donut, 2016. Questionnaires, surveys and focus groups [online]. Available at: [Accessed 19 January 2016].

Smart Survey, 2016. Market Research Questionnaire [online]. Available at: [Accessed 19 January 2016].

Survey Monkey, 2016. How a brand tracking survey can help with advertising campaigns [online].Available at: [Accessed 19 January 2016].




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