In order to try and get my head around the whole project I Googled technological investigative processes, which is mentioned in what’s needed for my presentation, for me this is killing two birds with one stone (not literally).

I am looking for something not only relevant to my assignment but also something I can put into practice going forward which means it needs to suit me and my work flow. We all have our own way of working and mine is very much an individual creative style which can not always be done in the most effective order.

I liked the article called “Overall DF Investigation Process by Corey Harrell” because he makes a valid point! “the first things you should try to do is understand the overall process. If you want to plant a garden you don’t just dig a hole in your yard, throw in some seeds, and hope for the best. If you want to learn how to fish you don’t buy fishing equipment at a local store then go to the closest body of water to toss the equipment in. These approaches may result in some of the plants growing or catching a fish after the fishing pole knocked it unconscious but most likely the majority of the time these approaches will fail. The reason for this is because both approaches just tried to wing it instead of first trying to understand the overall process.” [Corey Harrell, 2010]. Winging it is very much me. This maybe for forensic research but I found it easily adaptable to suit my aims and goals set out in this competition.

I used some of his points to create my own workflow for this project which is in my Prezi presentation.


Corey Harrell, 2010. Overall DF Investigation Process [online]. Available at: [Accessed 20 January 2016].

Image- Justin Fowler, 2014. How to save your next great idea (you never know when you’ll need it) [online]. Available at: [Accessed 20 January 2016].

Edited April 5th 2016-

After receiving feedback from Deb I am now attaching a link to my Prezi presentation.




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