Evaluating Data

I’m loving the idea of focus groups, these will enable me to not get too caught up in what “I” want this campaign to be and having people in the focus group who are my target audience I think will benefit my campaign. This is about what Gap and their customers want after all.

I will email Jools and ask him about this. If it can’t be worked into class sessions then I can always arrange them during lunch or a day where we’re not in Uni.

I’ve been looking into Survey Monkey to turn my questionnaire into a link which I can share on social media (I have Facebook and Twitter which I can use to start with) or email. I can monitor the feedback via Survey Monkey, I’m not 100% sure this is completely free yet, this is something I’m looking into further. Once I have collected all the feedback I will break it all down using key words and themes and look for patterns. In the questionnaire I will include sketches of my idea’s with a detailed description to give the person a picture of what I’m thinking for the campaign, I will then measure there feedback against this and improve or scrap the idea. It will be interesting what kind of feedback comes back and what people think of Gap and what they want to see in their next campaign.

Survey Monkey, 2016. Analyze [online]. Available at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/analyze/sbfmpME1xFfEBd9yvrI6oWZ1Mp269OcCpK7qUQ4_2FMJo_3D. [Accessed 21 January 2016].


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