Evaluating Data Research

Cost, frequency, physical characteristics are numeric data, part of numeric analysis.

Analysing words which can be written or spoken and also include questionnaire data, interviews and documents are textual analysis.

Textual analysis is what I will use for my campaign. Analysing content data by reducing large amounts of unstructured textual content into manageable data will allow me to collect all the relevant data from questionnaires and evaluate. I will be breaking the text down using key words to see if there are any patterns and similarities. These key words will be put in the questionnaire for example; Gender, Age, Job, Marital status, Parental status which will help form groups of data to then evaluate and find any patterns and differences.

Better Evaluation, 2016. Analyse Data [online]. Available at: http://betterevaluation.org/plan/describe/look_for_patterns. [Accessed 29 January 2016].

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