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Still no contact from Gap what so ever, I will instead do the photo shoot using generic clothing which gap also sell i.e jeans, vest tops, long sleeve top and so on. It would have been great to use their clothing range and to have had a conversation about what kind of range they are wanting to promote September this year but unfortunately this conversation has no yet happened. I will keep trying but as it stands I will not be solely using Gap clothing for the shoot.

Will not using Gap clothes affect my campaign? not entirely, It would’ve been great to use their clothing but if I chose carefully and use as much Gap as I can get hold off and the items which are not gap I can see Gap alternatives for then this is not such a big deal. I’m campaigning the idea, I want Gap to love my idea and designs! if it means a Gap photoshoot to just replace the images but keep the theme, poses and just change the people and clothing and everything else is used as it is then that is still a win.



I have researched Gaps previous campaigns and have set my idea on designing posters for Gap and it’s sub company Gap Kids. The target audience of 25-35 year olds are typically the age that are starting to settle down, thinking about or starting a family. Combining Gap and Gap Kids will enable me to capture a larger audience for the campaign and target my target audience. I will be submitting six posters in total to the student competition, three for Gap and three for Gap Kids and I am wanting them to coincide with each other in design and theme.
The Gap Kids posters will be showing my son and daughter because I’m wanting to show sibling moments. This will compliment the three other poster designs I’m doing for Gap, which will be about romance and couple moments, the theme being for all six posters being moments. Having looked at previous promotional campaigns for Gap Kids they always have children modelling in their poster campaigns. 
They all have a very similar theme which is a clear colour background, It is all child focused and the children always look happy. I like that they look happy but I would like to have something going on in the background, to compliment the children being there, not to take focus off the models. I think these posters are nice but they are all the same really and it would be nice to do something different.

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To capture moments between a couple for romance and love I looked into what kind of images had been previously shown on the internet for advertising and in general for inspiration. In doing this quite a few moments I hoped to capture had already been captured. I will be using the following references to influence my images in the hope to create a poster that shows feeling and emotion.


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#Hashtag #SocialMedia

Tuesday afternoon’s lecture was like a focus group meeting and I’m using them like focus group meetings that I haven’t arranged whilst I’m in the planning stages, these lectures are really helpful. This week we discussed current progress and hashtags for my social media campaign which until that meet I hadn’t thought of?!?!?!  #GapMoments was mentioned and I love this!!! All the other hashtag’s I have since thought of just don’t seem to top this. I plan for my posters to show emotion which people can relate to, for example; Love and romance, #GapMoments fits perfectly with this 🙂

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After seeing Jools comment above I looked back through my blogs and he has a valid point!! no where do I state why I’m doing posters as part of the Gap Campaign.

As you can see above in the considerations and creative challenge it talks about “eye catching visual content” “Photography, Graphics” and so on. I looked at Gaps website, their social media and anything else I could find on the internet and the majority of what I found about previous Gap campaigns, for example Born to fit together, Born in 1928, Black Magic, Be Bright, Play your strips etc, were posters! All with minimal text, great clothes and slogans. This is what I will be doing with a hashtag for social media.

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