Photography- Danny Kaye

Today I learned some interesting Photography tips;

85mm lens is best for portrait pics.

35mm lens is a commonly used general lens.

35mm & 50mm are effectively the same ish lens, one just seems to stretch the image.

Aperture is the size of the hole.

Bridge software is a great piece of software to use on images before going into the likes of Photoshop. It allows you to get the best of an image before enhancing it further in Photoshop. Images taken RAW are the most effective way of then manipulating each layer and getting the best out of your photo.

Tony Kuyper has a photography website and it allows you to download actions for Photoshop elements. It has a great luminosity mask which when you control click to activate the layer mask allows you to easily adjust the photo, It’s effects are instant and brilliant. This is free to download and I will be downloading this to use, especially when it comes to my photo’s for the GAP campaign.




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