Plan of action

Today I have made a list of what I need to complete and a rough time scale to work to, I have given myself plenty of time incase things do not go to plan and I need to push something back a week. I work better when I have a tick list of jobs to do that I can mark off as and when I have done it or add to it if I have missed something off.

Plan 001

ToDoList 001

(These scan images we’re taken after the blog date which is why they are ticks against certain things to do, notes and dates after February 5th.)


One thought on “Plan of action

  1. Think about scaling up your management process. Imagine if you are working with a team of people , this will help you to become more familiar with management techniques and software available for managing larger and more complex projects. Start small and work your way up… Microsoft project , online calendars, software that helps you to track progress and also analyse this info for improving or reorganising.


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