Poster Size

Today I looked up the correct size to create my posters on for the GAP campaign, I can input the correct size into Photoshop with dpi (dots per inch, which are the number of dots spread out in a line with a 1 inch span). I will do the posters A0 size with the dpi at 300, this will give the customer good quality prints.


I will print out a copy of the three posters I will be doing, this will give the customer a real life feel of what it will look like. I looked up three companies that I can print my posters with online, the prices range from £10 per poster to £18.

Poster Image- Anatomy Visual Media Group, 2012. File formats for your poster [online]. Available at: [Accessed 15 February 2016].

Instant Print Image- Instant Print, 2016. A0 posters [online]. Available at:!?lamination=no&size=a0&paper=250gsm-silk&sided=single. [Accessed 15 February 2016].

Online Printers Image- Online Printers, 2016. PLOTS, DIN-A1 [online]. Available at:,-DIN-A1.htm?websale8=diedruckerei.08-aa&pi=DPOA140&ci=006982. [Accessed 15 February 2016].

PhotoBox Image- PhotoBox, 2016. Posters [online]. Available at: [Accessed 15 February 2016].


One thought on “Poster Size

  1. so read the brief and is there something I’m missing? Don’t get how the posters are you creating ‘a social media campaign for 25-5 year olds? what am i missing?


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