Gaps Contact

Still no contact from Gap what so ever, I will instead do the photo shoot using generic clothing which gap also sell i.e jeans, vest tops, long sleeve top and so on. It would have been great to use their clothing range and to have had a conversation about what kind of range they are wanting to promote September this year but unfortunately this conversation has no yet happened. I will keep trying but as it stands I will not be solely using Gap clothing for the shoot.

Will not using Gap clothes affect my campaign? not entirely, It would’ve been great to use their clothing but if I chose carefully and use as much Gap as I can get hold off and the items which are not gap I can see Gap alternatives for then this is not such a big deal. I’m campaigning the idea, I want Gap to love my idea and designs! if it means a Gap photoshoot to just replace the images but keep the theme, poses and just change the people and clothing and everything else is used as it is then that is still a win.


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