Photo shoot

Having done some tests at home it looks unlikely I’ll get what kind of quality photograph I’m wanting outside of a studio. I will not be able to take the photograph myself for Gaps three posters because I will be in the photograph, to save on money by not having to pay for models. I will be however photographing the other three Gap Kids posters and designing all Six. Ashley Green a fellow student will be the photographer and I will be checking the pictures with Ash to make sure we capture what is intended for the posters. Ash and I are in touch via Facebook discussing what to get out of the shoot, I’m very excited about this shoot!!!

This Friday we will be using the studio; I have hired out a Canon 7D MKII Kit with a Canon 50mm lens which when used with the 7D equates to an 80mm lens to get some of the close up shots. Ashley will be taking photographs of myself and my boyfriend to capture the moments for Gap’s campaign. Ash has also suggested filming the shoot which is a great idea because in the Gap campaigns I have seen there is usually a trailer of the photo shoot with the poster campaign, this will make a great added extra bonus to hand in!


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