Questionnaire Feedback

I sent the questionnaire out to 9 people, all who want to remain anonymous with their age ranging from 25-40. I picked these people wanting them all to be different, they all have varied relationship statuses, different jobs, male or female to purposely gain a mixed view on Gap and have a varied input on my posters.

They have all agreed to continue to give me feedback on the posters I complete and to have focus talks during the making process.

I will print each returned questionnaire off for submission.

I only changed the questionnaire from my previous blog to add the question- How would you describe romance and love? I did this to get an insight of what romance and love means to other people.

Once I had collected all the questionnaires I went through and sorted the information by question type to find the most common answer amongst them. I enjoyed reading some of the replies to describe romance and love question… “Hot & Sticky” 😀

Most common trend is that everyone had heard of gap but don’t regularly buy from them. Gap is “dated” or that it’s cheaper and easier to buy elsewhere. There isn’t a Gap in Nottingham anymore and most people think for example Next to buy online or nip to their local Next shop than order from Gap online.

Majority of the people I questioned earn between 0-45k and have children. This was great to see especially because of the GapKids posters I’m also submitting.

Here are a few answers to the “describe romance and love?” question which helped me collect idea’s for #GapMoments.

“Adventurous, wonderful, exciting, passionate, stressful and heart-breaking at different times.”

“Romance is a thoughtful or loving moment or gesture and love is sharing your life with someone, the ups, the downs, the good the bad and being true to one another throughout this & coming out stronger.”

“Someone special, who you care about, you would do anything for, love: passionate, intense, scary, exciting, over whelming”

“When you’re with someone that you can’t imagine being without and cherishing them.”

On quite a few of the other questionnaires “amazing” kept popping up… So I have to come up with posters that show Amazing moments! No pressure then…..


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