Gap Moments

I’m struggling to get the right kind of posters I had in mind at the beginning. There were only a couple of images I was happy with from the photo shoot and have since taken many other pictures to grab these moments.

Some of the images taken at the shoot I felt would be great for other poster campaign or companies but not so much Gap. My watch I stupidly left on whilst doing the photoshoot which would’ve made a great women’s Armani watch advert! or the picture of myself looking at Scott could be a couples counselling poster to “get things back to how they were” but I couldn’t see #GapMoments #JeanTechnology in most of them. Perhaps I’m being over critical but I want to get them right, bring to life the feeling and idea I have in my mind as to how they should be.

I have one maybe two posters out of the three that I am happy with but I have booked out the Canon 7D MKII Kits again tomorrow morning until Monday 21st March to try and capture these all important moments.



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