I have submitted to YCN

I have now submitted my work to YCN!

This is my little introduction to my submission.

I have always loved the Gap campaign posters on billboards and on Tv and really wanted to be apart of the social media campaign. I have always like how simple yet effective their advertisements have been. The target audience I wanted to maximise as much as possible which is why I decided to do three campaign posters for Gap and three campaign posters for Gap Kids. This target audience is the typical age for couples either settling down or thinking of settling down with children. I myself am 34 and have two children of my own (who I used in the posters) and know how kids go through so many clothes, especially jeans. I have always worn Gaps long and lean jeans and have since purchased Gap jeans for my children due to the new knowledge of their denimology. I tried to make these posters very relative to people which is why I chose to do #GapMoments to show couple moments and #GapSiblings to show sibling moments. I used the Gap brief for my slogan inspiration for each poster and enjoyed making these posters. I didn’t have the Gap Kids logo to use so this will need to be changed at a later date.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 19.51.09

I’m so glad I have now submitted, and 2 days ahead of closing as well 🙂


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