Questionnaire Feedback on Posters

I have had some great feedback responses for my posters, below is one of my favourite and detailed replies;

“I really love this campaign – my favourites being the Gap Moment 3 followed closely by 2. They both capture a moment beautifully whilst representing fun and great quality which I think this target audience will respond to. Gap Moment 1 feels a little more serious but sexy and feels like confidence and style are key for this moment, again massively important for this target audience. I could see all of these images working for Gap – they are professional and memorable.

The Siblings images tell me a story of happiness, energy and individuality, which as a parent is everything I want for my children so these work on all levels for me.

Being outside of the target audience age (only very slightly!) I would respond positively to this campaign and love to see it online.”

It’s so nice to have a reply where the person has felt and liked all the details you have tried to put in :-).



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