Project Management

This assignment I have enjoyed working alone. I wasn’t sure at the beginning if working alone was the right decision but I have really enjoyed it. I was able to work against my own timescale and in doing that I stuck to the majority of my original time plan. I did have to push back by a week or so the poster completion but that was down to not having all the Gap moments I was aiming for at the beginning and I was trying to capture some more by repeatedly booking out the camera and taking shots. Below is an example of other ways I was trying to capture Gap moments by using what was around me.


I didn’t use this because it looks too plain and even though they are jeans it doesn’t really have any feeling or show Gap’s jean technology. Gap make jeans to last, the stitching, quality of denim, everything is considered to make the customer happy with the jean, for it to be durable yet fashionable and this image for me doesn’t show that.

I am happy with how I managed this project. I got everything done in time, I managed outside influences that gave me set backs like photoshoot time restraints and Gap or YCN not responding in time for me to use their clothing. I improvised and made the best out of a bad situation. I have definitely learnt a lot from assignment 2 which I can take into assignment 3 where I will be again working by myself.



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