Client Meeting Sketches

During yesterday’s meeting we talked about design idea’s for the Hotstar brand logo, we both did some scribble idea’s on a pad, see below.

I said I would design some of these in Illustrator/Photoshop and send him the files to look at and to give me feedback on.

We also went through the colours and he likes colour e6cd25, I will design the above with that colour in mind and show him samples of what it might look like.

Show case website was also discussed and the client would like this on WordPress, He will look at some themes within WordPress and let me know which ones he prefers. I will also have a look at the themes to see if anything stands out and should maybe be considered.

I will look at stars and flames for the brand logo and see which one suits the simple sportswear style the client is after. We also discussed the idea of having a hollow star with a H/h inside and link them together for the ease of stitching.

This was a productive meeting and we seem to be on the same page about what he is after. We will meet again next week to go through the idea’s designed once he sees them done using the above software and make a decision on which direction to go.





After speaking to the client and our conversation about having a star as either the o or a in Hotstar, I have looked at possible stars to use. The client wants something simple because this star will also be stitched into the clothing. I have looked at the ones above and will send to the client to see which one he prefers. I personally think it needs to be kept simple like the top three which are in Illustrator. The bottom two are nice but maybe too detailed as a star shape for the logo. I have also done the central star in the colour that the client likes for the logo to show him what it will look like.


Bottom Left Star- The Undiscovered Stars, 2016. Sing for fame [online]. Available at: [Accessed 30th April 2016].

Colourful Light Beam- Colourbox, 2016. Colourful Light Beam [online]. Available at: [Accessed 30th April 2016].

Calendar Update

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 14.17.38.png

I have adjusted my calendar to meet my Confetti project demands. I have moved a few things from this week to next week but have kept on top of what I needed to get done for the client meeting today. I’m so far still on track.

Colour Theme

For Hotstar’s colour theme I’m thinking a yellow/orange to represent the name of the brand. Hot you usually think fire colour like that of orange and yellow is your typical colour associated with a star. I have looked using Adobe Colour at themes with these kind of colours in them to discuss with the client.

I have also looked at the colour chart within PhotoShop and pulled out a few colours which I think would look good for the client to look at.

Hotstar colour

He may decide not to use this type of colour but I thought it would be good to come to the meeting with something to discuss and show I have been thinking about it.

I will be talking to him regarding Typography and taking my Mac Book Pro to show him what typography already exists within Photoshop. I will also discuss all the other fonts you can obtain online, the trouble is with this is if he wants to use the same typography for everything then not all websites and computers will have this, where as a standard one within Photoshop “should” be okay to use and keep everything the same. This is something I will need to look into once I have spoken to the client.

Colour Themes- Colour Adobe, 2016. All Themes [online]. Available at: [Accessed 29th April 2016].

Client Meeting today email

This morning I  have emailed the client with a list of what I plan to discuss with him about the project. I have done this to show I am prepared and capable, this will also give him chance to think about what we will be discussing and to make a note of anything else he would like to discuss.

Hotstar Email

I’m looking forward to getting the clients feedback today and move forward with the designs.


Reply Feedback

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 10.58.20

This blog post is me looking where HotStar brand logo and clothing logo needs to be in terms of where it will be advertised once the brand has set itself up and grows. Where is the money for sportswear being generated from, where it is being advertised, who is seeing it, I’m looking at who have their sportswear brand advertised in this area so HotStar knows where to be. What the Logo’s look like that are already being shown on ESPN, SkySports etc and their advertising campaigns. I’m gaining a better understanding in terms of revenue in an area i’m not familiar with to gain design inspiration. A lot of the sportswear branding is very simple, it focuses more on the actual quality of the product to sell it. My client also wants simple branding and I will expand on this when I blog about the brand logo design :-).


Feedback Reply

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 10.58.29

Thank you Jools, I have it planned in my calendar and on my to do list to look at advertising and brand fails in sportswear, You’re one step ahead of me…. The fastest moving brands are already mentioned in the blogs, Under Armour for example which the client asked me to look into. I have been looking at the top 10 to gain an insight into what has and is working for sportswear branding. I do love the “How to position a new entrant into a highly competitive market” and will add this to my research plan :-).