Presentation Feedback

Today I had to adjust my presentation because the brief changed a few days before the presentation and after I had already looked at the brief and and done it.

The new presentation needed to include; what is the brief? describe the client? indicate tech data/sources/processes during project?

Thankfully the presentation I had already done included this in, phew! but it also included more information in it than was needed which is why I needed to adjust it to cut it short.

Presentation link is in previous blog post.

Below is the feedback I received;

Hotstar Feedback-

Set up a plan of what is to be done as part of uni project and what will be done after, i.e branding and clothing logo whilst at uni, then do website and social media campaign etc

When doing branding look at company mission statement, taglines, etc

When doing brand logo look into making it completely relevant i.e colour and make it something that can be altered in time to grow with the company.

Advice from Deb and Danny is to concentrate on brand and clothing logo and just have the website set up to show that. Everything else can be done after, just include what is needed to fulfil assignment three, no need to take on more work than needed when I can concentrate on that after uni and get paid for it.



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