To Do List…

To try and get organised I have put together a to do list to form a plan in my calendar to manage my time during this project.

HotStar to do list….

  1. History of sportswear
  2. Other sports clothing brands
  3. How to market that target area?
  4. Established sportswear logo’s and websites
  5. What works? Look at advertising successes and failures in sportswear branding both nationally and internationally, any differences? Influences?
  6. Research Branding!!!!
  7. Colour scheme- relevant to the Hotstar brand
  8. Typography
  9. Web layout options for showcase website- WordPress platform, icart? Plug-ins?
  10. Request Hotstar sportswear line images and product information for website layout
  11. Website: – function needs, sub titles, categories, product detail and tags
  12. Clothing logo- idea’s, sketches, design testing…
  13. Brand logo- idea’s, sketches, design testing…
  14. Clothing logo stitching info- how many stiches in one go and costings?
  15. Ethics and clients consent forms signed
  16. Record using blogs client contact and feedback

This gives me a good starting point to start adding into my calendar.


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