Today we discussed our results from our last project. It was explained by Jools that this was a worst case scenario because the people who graded us don’t know us. Just like an external examiner. Which means they have no idea what we were planning during our projects and maybe failed to explain in our work. This is great way in my opinion to know where you may be going wrong in terms of expressing what you are trying to express and evidence to someone else, who doesn’t know you, or know about your project. This explains why I got the feedback I did and I am very happy with all the feedback I received and will certainly implement this during my final project.

During this tutorial it was also explained that if at any part of this year so far we wanted to re-submit any of the work then we can. I am however, happy with the progress I have made throughout the year and will be concentrating on my final project and not re-submitting any of my previous projects again.

An external examiner will likely be coming in and may want to meet students, I have been asked to keep the morning of June 9th available in case they would like to see me.

I enjoy these tutorials because they always generate useful feedback from my tutor and fellow students.


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