Other Sports Clothing Brands

There are many other sportswear brands all over the world and you can buy these from your local Sports Direct, John Lewis, JD sports or any sports shop, there’s thousands if not millions of them and they are situated in every city, in every country, all over the world. Sportswear is that big!

Below is an image of Logo’s taken from Football Biggest Sports Brands In Terms Revenue In 2016 (Nike, Adidas) article written by Rick.


In this article he talks about how “it is imperative for us to think that sports brands like Nike, Adidas as well as SkySports are spending a major chunk of their revenue on sports and sportsmen and the revenue that they get must be equally high”. He goes on to back his finds up by printing Nike’s market value being $65.8 Billion (as of May 2014) in sports apparel/accessories and that their sales are $27 billion (in 2014). In the American sports industry alone he states that they are taking around 65% of the market share and that “It is regarded as the 25 most valuable brands from across the world and has a yearly revenue of about $27 billion a year”. This is very impressive but not surprising. Nike has been around for many years and is well known for its quality. Nike’s branding is brilliant, a simple yet effective tick, or “swoosh” as it is also known, and it is recognised all over the world. The company was founded in 1964 and originally called Blue Ribbon Sports but It changed its name to Nike, meaning the Greek goddess of victory. The Nike swoosh was designed by a graphic designer called Carolyn Davidson, she was paid a mere $35 for it at the time but was later presented with a diamond ring and an envelope with stock enclosed inside, this amount has never been disclosed according to Wikipedia.

Nike’s competitor is Adidas who Rick has reported their market value at $22.7 billion (as of May 2014) in sports apparel/accessories with reported sales of $19.2 billion (in 2014). This is a few billion shorter than Nike but Adidas branding also works. Adidas is a Germany sports apparel and accessory company. Nike and Adidas have been close competitors for around 20 years and Adidas also occupies a major share of the American sports market and dominates in the European sports industry. Adidas are FIFA world cup’s official brand and have been for the last 30 years. As you can see with just these figures this is a serious business and to stay at the top it is important how you brand yourself and what you sell needs to be nothing short than stylish high quality but affordable sportswear.

In 1985 Duffer of St George’s sports brand Portabello Street store opened in London by Eddie Prendergast and Steve Davies. The Soho Duffer store opened in 1987 on D’Arblay Street which pushed a smooth but psychedelic 1970s look as described in Gary Warnett blog on The Story of ‘Duffer Of St George’. I found this blog on the brand interesting, he does ramble on describing what happened to them in the 90’s and his opinions but in one sentence he sums the brand up quite nicely, “Duffer would expand to several stores before almost going under in 2008, but after the Duffer by St George pieces for Debenhams were borne from a 2007 deal, JD Sports got involved and made it theirs — now the puffa and retro trainer realm that Duffer helped forge is a norm and JD push that look, so, while it’s a long way from the detail orientated one-upmanship of the Duffer brand of old, it makes a certain sense. Eddie Prendergast and Steve Davies went on to found Present in east London, which keeps the old Duffer store spirit (the ability to edit and preempt) alive”. I am looking at these because they are also a British born sportswear brand.

Duffer of St Georges

Converse. I started researching this well-known trainer brand and went to their about’s page on their website, where I have read probably the best description of who a brand is and what they wanted to achieve that I have ever read… “Converse began in 1908 as a rubber shoe company specialising in galoshes. Soon after, we started using our rubber to make sneakers. In 1920, we renamed our canvas basketball sneaker the “All Star.” The name stuck. What didn’t stick was their intention. We made them to sink jump shots on the court. You, however, saw them as something more… and started wearing our sneakers to do whatever you wanted. You played music, made art, skated the streets and kicked back. You wore them as fashion. You wore them to work. You customised them with your personal style. You did everything to them, and in them. You saw our sneakers’ unlimited potential.

To this day, this spirit continues with all of our sneakers and apparel for All Star, Cons and Jack Purcell. As soon as you put them on and start doing your thing, their true life begins. You define them. You determine their journey. They become a one-of-a-kind celebration of your individuality and self-expression. They become a part of you. They’re Made by you.” They have made it so personal to the customer/possible customer/reader and I personally liked it! They sound so passionate about what they do and adaptable to the customers they attract and their needs. What I also love about Converse is that they customize their trainers which just goes that little bit extra to great customer service. As far as I know HotStar isn’t making trainers but during my research stage I’m researching branding in all areas of sport to find out what works, plus Nike have owned Converse since 2003 according to Wikipedia.


There are other brands I have looked into like Lacoste (which originated from a Tennis player called RENÉ LACOSTE), Speedo (who are famous for their swimwear) and Reebok (who try to compete with Nike and Adidas, who were subsequently acquisition by Adidas in 2005 according to Wikipedia ) to try and familiarise myself more with sportswear to gain a more educated understanding of the business to inspire my direction of design. I can now meet the client with some knowledge on sportswear.

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