Client meet

client email2

Today I met with the client to discuss the project and to get a further insight in to what he is after. It seems like we have an understanding about what he is expecting. He has asked me to look into a brand called Under Armour which I am not familiar with but apparently they have grown massively in a short space of time and so it would be a good idea to see how they have branded themselves.

He has asked me to sketch a few idea’s for the logo’s and show him some visuals for next weeks meeting to go over and decide on the next stage of the design. We will also discuss the showcase website. Both the client and I will look at websites and liaise with each other over email on which websites the client likes to get a feel for what he is wanting in terms of design, functionality and layout.

In terms of the companies mission statement, the client is going to email me with what he wants his brand to promote.

This is a good start and he seems keen to work with me on this, this is shown by the contact I have had with him so far.



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