Marketing that target area

Marketing seems to be via the sport networks and advertising through sponsorship deals with players and sport teams. Every sports game you watch will have a brand named on their sportswear, equipment or around the location. Literally anywhere there can be an advertisement for something it will have an advertisement. It is no wonder according to Rick in the Biggest Sports Brands In Terms Revenue In 2016 (Nike, Adidas) article that a major chunk of brand revenue is invested in sports and sportsmen and in turn the revenue that they get back must be equally high.

ESPN’s market value is $13.5 billion (May 2014) who are a sports media/advertising network with a revenue of $8.2 billion (2014). ESPN launched in 1979 in the USA and is a world leader in sports and media. All the key sports events are covered by ESPN in the USA.

SKYSPORTS have a market value of $15billion+ and they are also a sports media/advertising network, they have a revenue of $7 to $8 billion on average in the year 2014. British Sky Sports is the biggest TV media network in the UK, Europe but also the world around. British Sky Sports have a huge share in the UK media and the rights of the broadcasting belong to them too.

The amount of people that view these sport networks are huge and are a massive array of customer targets, which show that it is only good business sense to get your brand logo on these networks by any means. They even have advertisements during the sports coverage breaks to target further customer area’s like fast food. Using this type of marketing is not just for sportswear.

I got further information from Rick’s article on the live sports review website which shows just how huge sport really is in both popularity and sales, these figures are BIG!.

Biggest Sports Events:

  1. Super Bowl ($580 million USD)
  2. Summer Olympics ($348 million USD)
  3. Winter Olympics ($285 million USD)
  4. FIFA World Cup ($229 million USD)
  5. WrestleMania ($170 million USD)


  1. Tiger Woods ($30 Million USD)
  2. Phil Mickelson ($28 million USD)
  3. (tie) LeBron James ($27 million USD)
  4. (tie) Roger Federer ($27 million)
  5. Mahendra Singh Dhoni ($21 million)

 Biggest Sports Teams

  1. New York Yankees ($661 million USD)
  2. Los Angeles Lakers ($521 million USD)
  3. Dallas Cowboys ($497 million USD)
  4. New England Patriots ($465 million USD)
  5. Real Madrid ($464 million USD)

This article was published 3 weeks ago and is a good source of information for me to take into consideration when looking to brand HotStar.

Rick, Biggest Sports Brand in Terms Revenue in 2016 (Nike, Adidas)- Rick, 2016. Biggest Sports Brands In Terms Revenue In 2016 (Nike, Adidas) [online]. Available at: [Accessed 22nd April 2016].



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  1. i cannot see how this relates to your brand. How does your company compare? It doesn’t so I can’t see how this is useful and it doesn’t really say how this will be useful in this post


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