Top Sports Brand Websites



Under Armour-


I’m looking at how top sportswear showcase their brand. What web layout they use, sub headers, how they then list their categories, Images, Price, Product description, social media vectors, search bar etc to see what makes their website user friendly and eye catching.

Out of all of them shown I was trying to pick a favourite but they are all very similar! they all have great sporting images, moving videos and image gallery on their opening page, they all are easy to navigate around and showcase their brand very well. I will be taking inspiration from these three brands as well as having a look at some others when I come to put together the showcase website, which is not to purchase the sportswear from but to just show what the brand offers and where to purchase it from. This is now quite common and is how Nike started their website out.

Sports brand website references;

Adidas- Adidas, 2016. Adidas [online]. Available at: . [Accessed 25th April 2016].

Nike- Nike, 2016. Nike [online]. Available at: [Accessed 25th April 2016].

Under Armour- Under Armour, 2016. Under Armour [online]. Available at: [Accessed 25th April 2016].


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