Top Sports Branding

I searched for the best sportswear logo and branding and came across a great picture slide which include the top 10 brands with brief explanations, top 10 sporting events, top 10 sports persons and top 10 sporting teams that made the most in revenue. I have taken screen shots of the top 10 brands and a couple from the sporting events and sports person, one from UK and one from America.

This is a great find and shows to me my research is on the right track. This shows a clear link between sporting networks, sport persons and sportswear. Getting HotStar on a sports network or for a sports person to wear the sportswear may be a challenge but a clear road to success if done correctly. The brand and clothing logo needs to run in theme with current sport branding, simple, clear, adaptable and effective.


Forbes- Forbes, 2016. The Forbes Fab 40: The World’s Most Valuable Sports Brands [online]. Available at: %5BAccessed 25th April 2016].


One thought on “Top Sports Branding

  1. these are going to seem like weird questions but A) what about the bottom 10 brands & B) what about the fastest moving brands? Why does it make sense to mimic the top 10? I can’t see that it does. You need to do more marketing research. ‘How to position a new entrant into a highly competitive market’ should be the initial focus


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