Under Armour

The client asked me to look into Under Armour because they are fairly new in the industry and have made a huge impact in a short space of time. They offer sportswear and casual apparel and are already expanding in the European countries. I have mentioned them in previous blog posts but here is the companies brief history.

Under Armour started in 2006 offering footwear but was founded by Kevin Plank in 1996. He played fullback at University and got tired of changing out of the sweat-soaked T-shirts worn under his jersey. He noticed that his compression shorts worn during practice stayed dry. This inspired him to use moisture-wicking synthetic fabric to make T-shirt’s.  After graduating from University he developed his first prototype which he gave to his Maryland teammates and friends who had gone on to play in the NFL. He soon perfected the design and created a new T-shirt built from microfibers, this wicked moisture and kept athletes cool, dry, and light. This was shortly followed by major competing brands including Nike, Adidas and Reebok.

Under Armour had its first big break in 1999 when Warner Brothers asked Under Armour to outfit two of its feature films, Oliver Stone’s Any Given Sunday and The Replacements. Plank then purchased an ad ESPN The Magazine which generated close to $750,000 in sales. Plank finally put himself on the payroll after 9 years of starting the company. In 2000 Under Armour became the outfitter of the new XFL football league which gained even more attention during the league’s debut on national television according to Wikipedia.

This company also offers affiliates which I haven’t seen before and seems like a great idea, please see below.


Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 09.49.51.png

Their social media is up to date and regularly used which shows they are maximising their resources to stay known in the market.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 09.51.24.png


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