Colour Theme

For Hotstar’s colour theme I’m thinking a yellow/orange to represent the name of the brand. Hot you usually think fire colour like that of orange and yellow is your typical colour associated with a star. I have looked using Adobe Colour at themes with these kind of colours in them to discuss with the client.

I have also looked at the colour chart within PhotoShop and pulled out a few colours which I think would look good for the client to look at.

Hotstar colour

He may decide not to use this type of colour but I thought it would be good to come to the meeting with something to discuss and show I have been thinking about it.

I will be talking to him regarding Typography and taking my Mac Book Pro to show him what typography already exists within Photoshop. I will also discuss all the other fonts you can obtain online, the trouble is with this is if he wants to use the same typography for everything then not all websites and computers will have this, where as a standard one within Photoshop “should” be okay to use and keep everything the same. This is something I will need to look into once I have spoken to the client.

Colour Themes- Colour Adobe, 2016. All Themes [online]. Available at: [Accessed 29th April 2016].


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