Client Meeting Sketches

During yesterday’s meeting we talked about design idea’s for the Hotstar brand logo, we both did some scribble idea’s on a pad, see below.

I said I would design some of these in Illustrator/Photoshop and send him the files to look at and to give me feedback on.

We also went through the colours and he likes colour e6cd25, I will design the above with that colour in mind and show him samples of what it might look like.

Show case website was also discussed and the client would like this on WordPress, He will look at some themes within WordPress and let me know which ones he prefers. I will also have a look at the themes to see if anything stands out and should maybe be considered.

I will look at stars and flames for the brand logo and see which one suits the simple sportswear style the client is after. We also discussed the idea of having a hollow star with a H/h inside and link them together for the ease of stitching.

This was a productive meeting and we seem to be on the same page about what he is after. We will meet again next week to go through the idea’s designed once he sees them done using the above software and make a decision on which direction to go.



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