After speaking to the client and our conversation about having a star as either the o or a in Hotstar, I have looked at possible stars to use. The client wants something simple because this star will also be stitched into the clothing. I have looked at the ones above and will send to the client to see which one he prefers. I personally think it needs to be kept simple like the top three which are in Illustrator. The bottom two are nice but maybe too detailed as a star shape for the logo. I have also done the central star in the colour that the client likes for the logo to show him what it will look like.


Bottom Left Star- The Undiscovered Stars, 2016. Sing for fame [online]. Available at: [Accessed 30th April 2016].

Colourful Light Beam- Colourbox, 2016. Colourful Light Beam [online]. Available at: [Accessed 30th April 2016].


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