Now that I have spoken to the client about the idea’s for the logo and discussed possible options, I have put into Photoshop some of the designs from the sketches we did during the meeting.

I have used the simple star from the previous star post and done them all in the colour that the client likes to gain a better feel for what it will look like. I will show these to the client for him to let me know which one he likes.

The client has asked for it to be simple and legible. A nice clean brand logo which will work with any colour background. The client has also asked for the brand logo to include the website underneath. I have gone through the typography within Photoshop and picked a selection. I also then used some elaborate background colours to show what the logo colour would look like against them to see if it looks clear and effective.

During the meeting it was mentioned that Hotstar could also include flames because of “hot” in it’s name, idea’s were quickly squashed for this because it would be too detailed, however, I did say that I will make an effect including them to see what it would look like.


I used the above for reference and put together this as an example;


I personally do not think it should be used but it gives the client an example following the discussion we had on special effects and flames.

I also looked at these tutorials on how to create them for reference, just incase he does like for a special effect on his showcase website.

I will give the client a call in the morning and hopefully meet up and discuss the designs.


Fire Text G and A- Wall coo, 2016. Realistic Fiery Letters and Numbers [online]. Available at: http://wallcoo.net/cartoon/the_fiery_english_alphabets_and_fiery_numbers_1920_1600/index.html. [Accessed 30th April 2016].

Flames 1- chuckbauman, 2016. FREE Realistic Flames Airbrushing Photos Reference Pictures Library FREE Airbrushing Resources Tools [online]. Available at: http://www.chuckbauman.com/real-flames-photos.htm. [Accessed 30th April 2016].

Flames2- Eris-stock, 2011. Flames 130: Marching Orders [online]. Available at: http://eris-stock.deviantart.com/art/Flames-130-Marching-Orders-196856517. [Accessed 30th April 2016].

Flames 3- all4desktop, 2016. Fire Flames Picture [online]. Available at: http://all4desktop.com/4245951-fire.html. [Accessed 30th April 2016].

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Realistic Fire Text Effect In PhotoshopPhotoshop Training Channel, 2015. Realistic Fire Text Effect In Photoshop [online]. Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zR-ov3HEzYg. [Accessed 30th April 2016].




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