New Star, New Logo!?

After putting together, the collage last night and thinking about ideas for the new star design I started to play around with the star this morning, I moved it, changed the shape, changed the colour but when I kept looking back at the original design, which both the client and I liked, none kept it as simple as that one looked.

It took me quite a few attempts but I think I have altered the star and made it unique to Hotstar… I hope!!!! I have emailed the client the new design (see below) along with a collage of WordPress themes which was also discussed during yesterday’s meeting for him to take a look and let me know if he likes any or point out the bits he does like on some of the themes to give me a general idea as to what he would like the showcase website to look like.

Wordpress Themes


During this stage of the showcase website of just setting it up and no sales going through the website directly I can’t see, at this stage, for any plug-ins to be needed. My project task is to design a brand and clothing logo which will be displayed on a showcase website design, the website itself will be set up at a later date.



2 thoughts on “New Star, New Logo!?

  1. so this is the final ‘new star’ or is it designed to work with the other one that you say is the ‘final star’? One’s a clothing logo and the other si for what exactly? did you post about rationale for the multiple logos and i’ve missed it?


  2. The client originally wanted 2 logo’s, 1 to be the brand logo and the other as the clothing logo. He wanted the clothing logo to be a much simpler design, like a symbol. This has now changed which I am about to blog about since getting a reply back from the client.


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