Logo/Website Design

Client reply1

I spoke to the client over the weekend about the logo designs and the website layout. I had put together some clothing logo designs after our last conversation where he wanted to have two logo’s, one for the brand and one for the clothing, he asked for a much simpler version of the brand logo for his clothing logo, almost like a symbol to sit on the clothing. He asked for nothing too complicated because of the stitching issues that may cause. Since that conversation he has seen the newly designed brand logo with the new star and likes it, he has now asked for this to be both the brand and clothing logo but to not have the website underneath on the clothing logo. I am very happy that the client likes the logo.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 10.12.08

The client has also come back to me saying that he likes the Goran theme out of the WordPress themes I sent him. I will work with him to have this theme set up on his domain, along with the new brand and clothing logo ready for him to set up his showcase website. I will be helping him set up the showcase website but this will not be a part of my University degree, he will be employing me after Uni to complete setting up his brand. My brief from this client for my degree is to design a new brand and clothing logo which I will put on a themed incomplete website.

Above is the new brand and clothing logo. I now need to get the correct measurements for this to be printed on clothing and on the website. This design also needs tidying up around the star and where it joins the lettering.


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