Website Theme added

I have tonight added the Goran theme as instructed by the client to the hosting. The client chose Goran because it will be a showcase website and focused on images of the clothing to promote the brand. This look is clean and simple looking, easy to navigate around and the client feels it will suit his clothing brand well.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 09.37.48.png

Adding hosting to a domain isn’t something I am comfortable with and this was the part of the project that made me nervous. It took me a while to navigate my way around and add WordPress to the hosting but it is now done and just needs tweaking by adding images, logo and text. For this project the website doesn’t need to be complete, it just needs to have the logo I have created on it.

I took some screen shots of the progression stages of me adding WordPress to the domain and setting it all up.

I am very relieved this stage has now been done and once I have finalised the logo I will upload it to the site.



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