Further Client Contact

This project was about me designing a company and clothing logo which is to be shown on a work in progress website. The client isn’t ready to have the website fully up and running at the moment, there are no images of the clothing, descriptions or any other data yet to be added. I have fulfilled my part in this company’s progress so far, I have designed both the company and clothing logo, found a theme on WordPress that the client would like, uploaded it to his hosting and added a static page with the clothing logo (I didn’t see the point in adding the company logo with the web address on it because you are already on the website).

The client has asked me to work with him further on the progression of setting up hotstar by me continuing to add to the website and continue branding. I have done a lot of research for this project and had some great conversations with the client on how to move forward with the company in terms of social media campaigns, company promotion etc and he would like me to do this with him. I am very excited about this. During my years at university I have gathered a lot of knowledge in the software I am able to use and I am excited about using this knowledge to help start up a new company. I know how to create social media sites, design campaign posters and with my previous work background in sales I am able to help promote this company.

Having this client has been a blessing in my progression moving forward during and after university to gain experience and expand my portfolio. I am a creative designer and want to build my skills to become a creative director and managing this project has been a great experience towards my end goal. I will still have to further learn in branding and promotion for example but I am looking forward it.


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