Host problems

I set up the hosting for Hotstar and had made a start changing the theme ready for my logo to be uploaded. The website change didn’t come up immediately after I changed it but I put this down to the fact it can usually take 24 hours for the host changes to the domain. When I came to check up on it the day after the change still had not been made. I looked into this further and the website works when you log in and visit the website within the hosting but if you just type in it doesn’t work!? I looked on website because it has the same hosting, the client purchased a host package and it allows up to a 100 websites on the same host, stateside came up as suspended!!!! I looked into this further and found a recent issue with 123reg.

I changed the Ivp4 address but this didn’t work either, I contacted the client and explained all of this situation and explained what I had read, about what happened with 123reg, he will contact them to rectify the issue… It’s a good job he wasn’t trying to make money on this project yet or any other website he has with them!

According to the article I read in the Daily Mail quite a few people have been affected. The client had received an email about this but wasn’t sure exactly what it was about, he had been given a Ivp4 address which was the same one I tried using which I took from one of his other websites but as I explained this didn’t work either… I’m awaiting him to get back to me regarding all of this.


123 reg article- ABIGAIL BEALL, 2016. ‘Sorry, we deleted part of the internet’: Error at domain hosting service 123-Reg sees hundreds of websites going offline [online]. Available at: [Accessed 11th May 2016].


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