Reflection on the project

If I look back to what skills, I had at the beginning of the year to date I have vastly improved in my design software skills by far. I mainly concentrated in 3d and used software like Photoshop for textures within my 3d environments before this final year. I wanted this year to be more design focused so that I have more knowledge in creative design and combine this with with my 3d skills and move closer to my creative director goal.

Throughout all the projects this year I have used Illustrator more and more and looking back I should’ve only used Illustrator for this hotstar project. I used Photoshop to quickly put together some designs for the client because I knew this software well but in doing this the client liked the squashed version of the initial design more. Having to then adapt to this and design something as close to that as possible but to a high quality professional level was not the best way to go about things.

This project has been a huge learning curve in terms of design. I found it benefited me sketching with the client and taking my MacBook Pro to our meeting so that I can show him idea’s and have everything ready to hand. This created more ideas to flow and showed the client how well I knew the software which was a big plus, he also saw all the research I did and I even educated him on Under Armour’s history and why they have quickly become successful. The client and I have been in regular contact which helped iron out any design issues and moved the project along faster, it is great to have a client that is so keen to get the project up and running.

Throughout the design stages I would ask fellow students questions in tutorials or via Facebook. It helps having fellow designers give you feedback because they not only suggest other ways to achieve what you are trying to achieve but also give you creative idea’s which you may not have even thought about. I also kept the client in the loop and once the final design was done I posted it on our degree course Facebook page for feedback. I have found from experience in previous projects that speaking up in tutorials and asking people for their feedback directly is a great way to bounce idea’s around and get truthful feedback.

I am very happy with the design of both logos. They look bright, simple, neat and show a well thought out brand and clothing logo design. I have fully enjoyed this project and all the research learning to design what I have designed. I look forward to working with this client further.


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