Behavioural Design


Today we had a lecture on behavioural design and looked at the Fogg Behaviour Model (FBM).

Motivation- the will do something

Ability- skills to do it

Trigger- cause to make it happen

The behavioural equation is; B=MAT (Behaviour= Motivation, Ability, Trigger)

Without one of these, nothing will succeed.

Think about how to change a perception and the cause and effect.

“Call to Action” Triggers are;

Facilitators- something that helps you to achieve your goal.

Signal- something to inform, advertise.

Spark- something that gives you the idea, motivation.

It’s about breaking down a problem to figure out the weak area and implementing change. To understand the missing link you need to understand the behaviour psychology.

There are 15 triggers (trigger grid is shown below), triggers are what make things happen. Everything needs a trigger, in order to create something, think of it in this order; Trigger- Ability- Motivation


There are 6 Motivation Factors to consider:

Time, Money, Physical effort, Brain cycles, Social deviance, Non-routine

Behavioural goals- what triggers you to do it, hot triggers give you the need to do it right now and if you put hot triggers in the path of motivated people then anything could happen.