Cricket Project

First Project!!!!!

During this project I was to find myself a group of around 4 or 5 people, with mixed disciplines, and teach year 4 children, both girls and boys “Visually” about cricket with the aim of explaining what a wicket is. Having children, especially my eldest being in year 4, this proved to be very useful indeed!

We researched the rules of cricket, history, different types of cricket played, for example test cricket, 20/20 and Kwik Cricket for children! Kwik Cricket is where we focussed our project around because it would be a great way to explain what a wicket is because it’s children’s cricket and they’ll be able relate┬áto┬áthe game much more than adult focussed cricket, where the rules can be very complicated.

I asked my children and my boyfriend’s children, who are all aged between 6 years and 8 years…

What do you know about Cricket?

Do you know what a Wicket is?

How would you prefer to be taught about Cricket?

Would you prefer a child’s or an adult’s voice on a video?

These questions proved useful and gave us a great basis to start putting together our ideas. The children said they wanted to learn visually, would prefer an adults voice and didn’t know much/next to nothing about cricket or what a wicket is.

We each worked to our strengths and fairly quickly knew what we wanted the video to look like and what we wanted to include. We researched our idea’s individually and posted them along with examples on our group Facebook page where, as a team, we agreed or disagreed on them. We also met up during Uni and outside of Uni to discuss our progress and our project work.

Cricket FBSS1 Cricket FBSS2

Above are screen shots from our Facebook group page.

We presented our idea in a Prezi presentation in front of the rest of our year, where we got feedback. We were asked “How are you making it themed for kids” and “Are you building a website?”. Both of these comments we took on board and changed our background to have more colour and be more themed for children along with building a website that showed our video and had the Rules of Cricket information available for anyone to read.

I enjoyed doing this and we all got on and completed the project. I love our video because it’s funny, simple and effective. I showed my children who also loved it and they now know what a wicket is and more than they did know about cricket!!

Below are screen shots taken from the Video we did.

Vid SS1 Vid SS2 Vid SS3 Vid SS4

Vid SS5