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I am also grateful for this feedback, it gives me pointers on where I can improve my management process. This is great feedback for me to implement during my final project. Thank you Deb for all your feedback, you have given me some great pointers on how I can improve my work going forward.




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I seem to be making the same error, I find it difficult to put what I take in visually and put it into words to explain the thoughts that go off in my head when I see something, and what conclusions I make. I will work on this for the next project and try to improve explaining the research I am doing in a more detailed capacity. I may try giving what I describe to someone for them to ask me questions about in order to get out more detail from what I see and what I am thinking, this will hopefully help me summarise my finding more.


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This is great feedback, after re-reading my blog I can see what Deb means. My comments on the blog post were summarised but only very briefly. I needed to go deeper into explaining what I found, thoughts, feeling, opinion both positive and negative when researching gaps branding. During my Third project I will bare this in mind and implement in my blog posts.