I have submitted to YCN

I have now submitted my work to YCN!

This is my little introduction to my submission.

I have always loved the Gap campaign posters on billboards and on Tv and really wanted to be apart of the social media campaign. I have always like how simple yet effective their advertisements have been. The target audience I wanted to maximise as much as possible which is why I decided to do three campaign posters for Gap and three campaign posters for Gap Kids. This target audience is the typical age for couples either settling down or thinking of settling down with children. I myself am 34 and have two children of my own (who I used in the posters) and know how kids go through so many clothes, especially jeans. I have always worn Gaps long and lean jeans and have since purchased Gap jeans for my children due to the new knowledge of their denimology. I tried to make these posters very relative to people which is why I chose to do #GapMoments to show couple moments and #GapSiblings to show sibling moments. I used the Gap brief for my slogan inspiration for each poster and enjoyed making these posters. I didn’t have the Gap Kids logo to use so this will need to be changed at a later date.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 19.51.09

I’m so glad I have now submitted, and 2 days ahead of closing as well 🙂


Poster Prints

I decided to print off all the posters to submit in A3, I also printed them off as A4 for myself to keep which I will mount on foam boards. I changed the image size on the psd file, saved it as a jpeg and took them down to the Nottingham Trent University print shop to have them printed off.

Below is the link to the price list, they are very reasonably priced considering my previous blog post on printing at the beginning of the project.


Nottingham Trent University, 2016. Information Systems [online]. Available at: https://www.ntu.ac.uk/information_systems/document_uploads/85125.PDF. [Accessed 21 March 2016].

Questionnaire Feedback on Posters

I have had some great feedback responses for my posters, below is one of my favourite and detailed replies;

“I really love this campaign – my favourites being the Gap Moment 3 followed closely by 2. They both capture a moment beautifully whilst representing fun and great quality which I think this target audience will respond to. Gap Moment 1 feels a little more serious but sexy and feels like confidence and style are key for this moment, again massively important for this target audience. I could see all of these images working for Gap – they are professional and memorable.

The Siblings images tell me a story of happiness, energy and individuality, which as a parent is everything I want for my children so these work on all levels for me.

Being outside of the target audience age (only very slightly!) I would respond positively to this campaign and love to see it online.”

It’s so nice to have a reply where the person has felt and liked all the details you have tried to put in :-).


Gap Kids Slogans

As per my previous blog I used the same logic for the posters I did for Gap Kids.


This poster shows my daughter posing whilst my son is…. well….. growling! hence the “individual” statement.


This is a typical child’s scene, most kids climb anything they can climb! and by doing this they are staying true to their core. Kids are playful, happy to explore in any way they can, ready for anything. I thought this was a beautifully true slogan and perfect for this image.


Taking inspiration from the world doesn’t get much truer than enjoying nature and your surroundings. I was hoping to get a shot with more leaves in the air but unfortunately the weather just wasn’t working for us that day. It is still a great shot though, I’m very happy with all three posters.

I was originally going to use white as the text but because of all the colours in these posters white just didn’t work, you couldn’t make out what the text said. When I gave it an off white colour it worked much better and made the kids white tee-shirts stand out more.


Gap Slogans

For each poster I wanted to have a slogan which came from the brief I received from Gap. I read through everything they gave me and when it came to the posters I looked for slogans to match each poster.


Confident, effortless style works well for the clothing style in this poster. If you dress nice you feel confident and if it is effortless then I would say that increases your confidence levels. The models look confident in their poses and simple jeans, top, hoody or plain shirt is an effortless style.


For this poster I quoted Doris and Don fisher because of the close up shot of these great fitted jeans, this seemed like a very obvious choice for me. This quote could’ve been used on the poster shown above this one but I feel it works better on this one. My mistake with this poster was the watch! A watch shouldn’t have been worn in the shoot because it is so shiny it draws your attention to it. I blurred out the watch and kept the image because it is a good image and I didn’t want to lose this Gap Moment. I am selling the idea for the campaign posters, they don’t have to use each image. They could’ve used each image if I was able to use all Gap clothing for the shoot but unfortunately this didn’t happen. There is also another mistake in this poster which I didn’t notice on my MacBook Pro but when I looked at the posters on my pc it showed a clear difference in black around the models, I will rectify this before submitting to the competition.


For this poster “Style essentials designed with care” seemed a great slogan to use given the surroundings. This is an everyday typical and very real image and jeans are part of most peoples clothing essentials.

#JeanTechnology is to promote Gap’s denimology which is advertised on their website and social media pages as shown in my previous blog post.


GapMoments done

I decided to hold a focus group meeting to discuss where I was with the posters to trouble shoot not feeling like I have my three Gap moment posters. It turns out I do! The two posters I had done they loved. I was unsure with one of them because I wasn’t sure people would understand why I did jeans on a washing line but as soon as I showed the poster one of the ladies said “I really like how you have captured the normality of everyday with this image, we all have washing on the line in our back garden and seeing through the blur kids bikes really works well with linking your Gap Kid posters.” such relief!!!!!! We also discussed my third poster and I explained the issue I had with no smiles from the photo shoot pictures and after showing all the images from the shoot the idea popped up to just crop the image to show a hint of the face but not all of it. This works, It shows the moment and the fact faces are not in the poster doesn’t matter at all, infant it is better. Phew!!!!! All three posters are now done.

I have now sent these posters along with the Gap Kid posters to all the people that filled out the questionnaire for feedback.


Gap Moments

I’m struggling to get the right kind of posters I had in mind at the beginning. There were only a couple of images I was happy with from the photo shoot and have since taken many other pictures to grab these moments.

Some of the images taken at the shoot I felt would be great for other poster campaign or companies but not so much Gap. My watch I stupidly left on whilst doing the photoshoot which would’ve made a great women’s Armani watch advert! or the picture of myself looking at Scott could be a couples counselling poster to “get things back to how they were” but I couldn’t see #GapMoments #JeanTechnology in most of them. Perhaps I’m being over critical but I want to get them right, bring to life the feeling and idea I have in my mind as to how they should be.

I have one maybe two posters out of the three that I am happy with but I have booked out the Canon 7D MKII Kits again tomorrow morning until Monday 21st March to try and capture these all important moments.


Gap Kids Posters

Here are the three posters I have put together from the pictures over the weekend. I am happy with all three of them, each has a nice slogan next to the Gap logo ( I have not used Gap Kids logo because I was not given their logo and all the logo’s online were not high quality enough, this is a small detail which can easily be changed and one I will address when I send them in). I have used an off white for the text to bring out the kids plain white tee-shirt. I have dressed them in jeans and a plain white tee to draw the attention to the jeans. Each poster shows either the kids climbing or getting dirty on the ground which is what kids usually do, Jeans are hard wearing clothing and this is to advertise that fact.




I have blurred out the faces of my children for this blog only, these posters will be submitted without blur.