I have seen it and I love it! The only thing I would change is more coin flipping animation because otherwise it is just to quick. The monologue has a nice dark, eerie feel to it. I like how the character is being shown, the actor has done a great job and did the script justice!



King Richard III is in his office. He is a modern king, wearing an handsome dark suit, tie,crown, black gloves and a badge with his symbol of the white boar.

Richard flips an ancient coin.



I put them in the tower to protect them, they’re now gone. I’ve failed.


Good riddance, they had to die.


The nation is going to use this against me, the south will use it against me.


They were illegitimate anyway; Edwards bodged up marriage made sure of that.


The tower should have been enough protection for them.


I’m glad there dead.


God look at me, I’m deformed, a Beast of nature. I’m the villain of this age.


What’s wrong with that? Is that really an issue? Villains hold power, I hold the cards. I am King.


But that’s not the type of king I should be.


Henry wants to stop me and he’s gathering an army. I don’t fear

him, I have a nation backing me, I have the north of England.


No, I’ve been a good king. I’ve cured the corruption in parliament, I let

the poor speak their suits in Westminster, I defeated the Scotts and I was brought up with the ways of the chivalric code; to protect the weak, to fight for justice, to keep the peace and to serve the common weal.


I need to keep an iron fist.


What sort of king am I?


I need to please my people.


I have to stay king.



Coin Completed

I finished the coin! I added a simple 3 point lighting system into Maya, with a black environment box to bounce the light around the coin and give the right lighting effect, the coins shimmer. Using the 24fps guide I turned the coin every 2 seconds.

Below are screen shots of the final coins attributes and render settings to show you what I did.

I used the Targa rendered files and put them into After Effects where I exported them out as an .avi at HD1080. I used Handbrake to convert this to an MP4 which I emailed to Damien who added it to the monologue.

I can’t wait to see it!!!

Coin re-done & Textured

I decided to re-do the coin, assign separate blinn materials to the top, bottom and sides of the coin and try to work around the issue.

Once I completed the coin, added the bore that Zac had kindly sent to me, I took colours from the opening credit text and started texturing. I found on a grate texture which I edited in Photoshop to create the ridges on the side of the coin.

Top image is a render image of the coin edge. The bottom image is the grate from and the one of the right is what I created in Photoshop.

I also wasn’t happy that the coin was very smooth so I added a metal texture that I have had for years (In my personal collection and can not remember where I got this from?!) and changed the opacity to give it a rough look which I then applied a bump texture on within Maya.


One side done! onto the next side. I wanted this one to look very different and rough, I turned my UV detachment problem in to my advantage! problem side was now the deformed rougher side 🙂

I got a metal floor texture again from and Richards coat of arms and finished the other side.

I then added the coat of arms with the above metal texture at the same opacity rate and here are both sides of the 3d coin.

Both sides of the coin are different, just like the character in the monologue, showing two perceptions of King Richard III. I did this by having one side nicely textured to show the good side and it had his white bore symbol on, the coins other side shows his coat of arms being less neat with errors to show the bad side and his deformity.

Next stage is the animation, lighting and render!

Floor texture – Textures. (2015). Metal Floors. Available: Last accessed 04th December 2015.

Grate texture – Textures. (2015). Floors Various. Available: Last accessed 03rd December 2015.

3d Coin Tutorial – yocyberness. (2013). Maya to Mudbox and back to Maya: Basic tutorial. Available: . Last accessed 12th November 2015.

Coat of arms – Sodacan. (2010). Royal Arms of England and France used intermittently (1399-1603). Available: Last accessed 06th December 2015.


3d Coin

Modelling the coin has not been an issue, however, the uv’s are!!!! No matter how I model it, or map it the edges I need detaching will not detach! I think it hates me.

Here is the coin


Here is the problematic uv


The bottom section will not cut away as I would like to get a nice clean surface to texture. Starting to hate Maya 2015. I also, couldn’t find any help on any internet searches or chat rooms. I’m going to sleep on this and have a re-think.


Opening Credit Text

Today I  made the opening credit text which took longer than expected but looks great! As previously mentioned I was going to do fire text because of the candles in the monologue, however, we couldn’t use the candles which meant this was just random fire text with no relevance. I still used the fire text tutorial but altered it to give it a metal cold feel, like how the monologue was shot (cold and dark) and having the metal in there to link to the coin. This actually worked very well. I kept taking screen shots throughout making it and sent them to Zac via our group Facebook page, he would then give me his feedback and when it was finished I uploaded it to the group to make sure everyone liked it which they did, wahoo!

Images of the text stages and end result.

Below if the final text on the black background.


Below are all the video’s I looked at before deciding which style text to use.

Fire text option – Photoshop Tutorials. (2014). Fire Text Effect • Photoshop Tutorial.Available: Last accessed 02nd December 2015.

Fire text option – Hass Hasib. (2015). Fire Text Effect in Photoshop Tutorial | Photoshop CC Tutorial. Available: Last accessed 02nd December 2015.

Fire text option – StepLapse. (2015). Fire Text Effect Photoshop CC 2014. Available: Last accessed 02nd December 2015.

Fire text option – Photoshop Training Channel. (2015). Realistic Fire Text Effect In Photoshop. Available: . Last accessed 12th November 2015.


Coin Idea Drama

It turns out that the actor couldn’t flick and catch the coin how we wanted to which means linking the coin to the monologue no longer exists… Originally the 3d coin was going to be the King Richard III angel coin, which I got from the gift shop on our trip, this was going to be animated to be flicking upwards like someone would and then catch it in their hand. However, the actor didn’t do the catching or flicking bit very well.


Zac and I spoke to Shaun Belcher about this and he helped us by saying we should change the purpose of the coin to make it still relevant… Brilliant!

Zac and I sat down and decided that we should link it to the opening credit text with the colour scheme, have both sides different and include the white bore. Now I can go ahead and make the coin.

Coin Image – No Author. (No Date). Coins for sale. Available: Last accessed 02nd December 2015.

Monologue Shoot!

I have sooooo been looking forward to this day. I have never been on a shoot so I was really excited and wanted to get really stuck in! We had a few disasters where we couldn’t turn off the smoke detectors because we hadn’t got a health and safety officer to check everything, which meant no smoke machine or candles but we got on with it and altered the lighting to try and get the same sort of effect. It was also noisy outside which meant the actor had to pause in between lines but that aside it was AWESOME!

Here are some pics to prove we were there and actually did work!!

I’m looking forward to see our idea  the end result 🙂

Presentation Feedback

Our presentation feedback has been received and it was good! Ben Williams made notes during the presentation so it wasn’t such a big surprise..


It was a silly error not listing our 5 key words which were Intrigue, Inquisition, Controversial, Ambiguous and Sinister but we know for next time. Overall I’m happy with the results and know to proof read and spell check at least 18 times next time!!! such silly mistakes.


Team Presentation

Today’s presentation went well, We made clear what we were making and only missed a few things that needed to be included or what we needed to expand on. Damien and I stood up to do our groups presentation, Zac controlled the slides and Ben took any feedback notes. We spoke confidently and I’m happy with how our presentation went.

This is our presentation..

We each had access to the Prezi presentation and we each completed the sections relevant to what we are doing.