Sound Design Project

Design, Develop and Deliver!

We were asked to get into a group of 4 or 5 and create a sound that has 2 characters in a room, 1 has a secret which they slowly reveal to the other. The sound track is to be recorded by us, with at least 3 tracks and a max of 3 mins long. It needs to contain a Foley sound, Music and Voice.

I was lucky to get into a group with people I had so much fun making this with. We laughed none stop throughout the entire project.

As a group we met in the Boots Library, during uni time, chatted via our Facebook group page, Facebook messenger and had a great day in the recording studio booths in the Waverley building.

Below are a few screen shots taken during the recording.

IMG_3855 IMG_3852 IMG_3850

We started by looking at The Goon Show scripts for idea’s on how to script our show. We then went through various idea’s;

Drugs, Guns, Money, Family, Execution.

But we needed to break our list down so we did that like this;

Couples- too obvious

Terrorist capture- possibly cause upset and offend

Corporate banking scam- not a lot of sound to set the scene.

We decided on a Gangster scene because it played into our aim and we could have fun with it.

What is the secret!!!?!?!?!

Cheating, Betrayal, Stealing, Identity…… How about a bit of all of them 🙂

We made a list of the sounds we needed as we scripted and tested a few Foley sounds (See below a screen shot of a video uploaded on to our Facebook page, it’s a couple of our group members making sounds via their mouths).

Vid SSGang

We collected, made and put together over 30 different tracks and used Adobe Addition software. I am very happy with the end result, however, during the playing of it in our presentation we soon became disheartened because we realised we hadn’t normalised it, which made our sound very quiet and hard to hear. I learned a lot doing this project, I haven’t done sound in over a year and it was a great refresher before our assessed projects.

Below is the link to our sound;